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1.2.6 Review of bones, joints, and ligaments of the arm and forearm


On the humerus, here’s the medial epicondyle, and epicondylar ridge, and the lateral epicondyle, and epicondylar ridge. Here’s the capitulum, and the trochlea.

On the proximal ulna, here’s the trochlear notch, the olecranon, the coronoid process, the ulnar tuberosity, and the radial notch. On the proximal radius, here’s the head, the neck, and the radial tuberosity.

Here’s the radial collateral ligament, the anular ligament, the ulnar collateral ligament, and the joint capsule. On the distal ulna here’s the head, and the ulnar styloid.

On the distal radius, here’s the surface for the ulna, the surface for the wrist joint, and the radial styloid. Here’s the scaphoid, the lunate, the triquetral and pisiform, the trapezium, the trapezoid, the capitate and the hamate; and here are the metacarpals.

At the wrist, here’s the triangular fibrocartilage, the radial collateral ligament, the ulnar collateral ligament, the palmar radiocarpal, and dorsal radiocarpal ligaments.

When flexion and extension occur at the wrist, the movement happens partly at the radiocarpal joint ,and partly at the midcarpal joint. When radial deviation and ulnar deviation occur, the action happens mainly at the radio-carpal joint.

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