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1.3.16 Veins of the forearm and hand


Now we’ll move on to look at the principal veins, arteries and nerves of the hand. First, the veins.

We’ve filled the veins by injecting blood here. That’s why the veins of this finger stand out so much more clearly. The small veins of the thumb, fingers and hand pass mainly to the the dorsal aspect of the hand, to join these large superficial dorsal veins. Crossing the wrist, these are joined by the superficial veins draining the dorsal aspect of the forearm. These unite to form the cephalic vein, seen here at the elbow.

The veins draining the flexor aspect of the forearm unite to form the basilic vein. The antecubital vein passes from the cephalic to the basilic just below the elbow.

We’ll remove the superficial veins, and the superficial fascia, to see some of the deep veins of the forearm. These run alongside the arteries. Here are the accompanying, or concommitant veins of the radial artery, coming together with those of the ulnar artery, just below the elbow.

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