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4.2.7 Review of bones of the facial skeleton and base of skull


We’ve seen a lot of bony anatomy in this section! Let’s review what we’ve seen of the anatomy of the facial bones and the base of the cranium.

Here’s the frontal bone, the zygomatic bone, the maxilla, the sphenoid bone, and the ethmoid bone. Here’s the nasal bone, the lacrimal bone, and the palatine bone.

Here’s the orbital cavity, the orbital margin. and the opening for the nasolacrimal duct

Here’s the zygomatic arch, the temporal line, the temporal fossa, and the infratemporal fossa. Here’s the pterygo-maxillary fissure, and the inferior orbital fissure.

On the sphenoid bone, here’s the lesser wing, the greater wing, and the pterygoid plates, medial, and lateral. Here’s the pterygoid fossa, here’s the hamulus.

On the inside, here’s the anterior cranial fossa, the middle cranial fossa, and the posterior cranial fossa. Here’s the sphenoid ridge, the crista galli, and the cribriform plates. Here’s the sella turcica, consisting of the anterior, and posterior clinoid processes, the pituitary fossa, and the dorsum sellae.

Here’s the optic canal, the superior orbital fissure, and the foramen rotundum. Here’s the foramen ovale, the foramen spinosum, and the foramen lacerum. Here’s the true opening of the carotid canal. Here’s the opening for the auditory tube, here’s the cartilage of the auditory tube.

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