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4.8.9 Review of first six cranial nerves


Now we've looked at the first six cranial nerves. Let's review what we've seen so far in this section.

Here are the filaments of the first cranial nerve, the olfactory, here's the second cranial nerve, the optic.

Here's the third nerve , the oculomotor: its upper division, and its lower division. Here's the fourth nerve, the trochlear, and here, out of order, is the sixth, the abducent.

Here's the trigeminal nerve: the main trunk, the trigeminal ganglion, and the three divisions: the ophthalmic, the maxillary, and the mandibular. Here are the main branches of the ophthalmic: the frontal nerve, the nasociliary nerve, the lacrimal nerve.

Here are the main branches of the maxillary: the infra-orbital, the posterior, and anterior superior alveolar; the palatine nerves, greater and lesser, the nasopalatine nerve, and the zygomatico-facial, and zygomatico-temporal nerves.

Here are the main branches of the mandibular nerve: the buccal nerve, the motor branches, the auriculo-temporal nerve, the lingual nerve, and the inferior alveolar nerve.

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