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4.11.6 Review of ear and its surroundings


Now, let's review what we've seen of the structures of the external and middle ear.

Here's the auricle, the external auditory meatus, the helix, the antihelix, the tragus, the antitragus, and the concha. Here's the cartilage of the auricle, and the cartilage of the auditory meatus.

Here's the tympanic membrane, the pars flaccida, the pars tensa, the umbo, and the anulus.

Here's the tympanic cavity, the vestibular window, the cochlear window, and the opening for the auditory tube.

Here's the malleus, the incus, and the stapes. Here's the tendon of stapedius, and of tensor tympani, and here's the auditory tube.

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